Pool Service Company in Scottsdale

Your pool is not only a place for your relaxation and enjoyment — it is an investment! Let us help you take care of it.

Sonoran Waters offers expert pool service to help you maintain the beauty, safety, and value of your pool.

Some of the regular weekly maintenance services we provide include:

  • Comprehensive water chemistry analysis
  • Chemistry adjusting
  • Specialty chemical treatments
  • Emptying all baskets
  • Surface skimming and brushing
  • General equipment operation check
  • Equipment maintenance

Regular weekly pool maintenance is a must to keep your pool and spa running in peak condition and ready to go — whether it be for an impromptu dip or a planned pool party. And, as time goes on, little items can creep up that need attention . . . getting to know your pool on a regular basis helps us spot those small items and bring them to your attention before they turn into bigger ones.

We also automatically schedule recurring maintenance items that are not needed on a weekly basis, such as filter cleaning.